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hi everyone!

im on the verge of filling out the UK Fiance visa
Im US my fiance is UK.

We met online August 16th of 2008
we knew almost imediately that we were perfect for one another
and so we began our quest to be together.

we wrote every day (sometimes 3 times a day-over 3,000 emails between us in 2 years)
he came to see me for 3 wks last year
I went to see him 6 wks this year.

2 years later
we are STILL sure we are perfect for one another
and so now we are putting it all together for me to go there.

I am nervous about making mistakes. I may ask lots of questions. If i repeat myself, its prolly coz Im really freaking out about errors!

He is a seasonal worker as a steward on a ship
he makes 600gbp/wk for 6 months
he has had this job now for a season and a half.
The upswing of this is that up until September of this year
he has been living at home
rent/utilityy free
so everything he has made this season has pretty much sat in his account until now. He has earnngs from May2010-October 2010, barely touched
and this 6 months of income, luckily, is not stretching the whole year
just from November 2010-April2011
when he returns to work, leaving us gainfully ahead.
Both his boss and the captain of the boat have written letters on his behalf for the visa that he is contracted to complete the season October 31st 2010.

He is taking a 2 wk break to come back to his home in Portsmouth to gather all of his documentation to send to me.
I would like to run what I have by those of you who have been through this
and perhaps you can tell me if I am set?
from me-Letter outlining our relationship
pictures of us together, dated both here and UK
emails (printed out lists-from Aug2008 to present, printing out only most recent and major ones detailing our plans)
birth certificate
social security card
letters from his family ahnd friends
skype sessions
facebook entries from family and friends
wedding dress reciept and wedding ring reciept
budget outline

what I know I need from him-
recent tax return(he is contracted)
6 months of bank statements and 3 months of payslips
HIS letter outlining our relationship and his acceptance
proof of reciept of registry for marriage
landlord/tennant agreement(he is getting our flat next on his break)
proof of the lease good for at least 6 months with knowledge of me being there BY the landlord
ticket stubs e tickets printed for plane flights for visits
cards and written letters from me.

short of a pint of blood
I dont know what else they would need.

how "recent" must his bank statements be? He recieves his last up-to-date payslip on Sept 7th,
there is another 4,200 he will make by october 31st as outlined by his boss in the contract.

Do they need to see that the visa has been paid for
plane ticket, etc?
or, simply, when he recieves his payment on the 7th
should he have his bank statements printed then? and THEN take care of the visa and plane ticket, etc? Same with the apartment
it would seem to me they would want to see those amounts deducted.

Im sorry-so many questions and Ive got so much going on.

He will basically have 12,000gbp to spread over 6 months
not 12.

given all of this confusing information
can any of you tell me what I may be missing?
what do I need to do?
I appreciate all responses
and promise not to be too redundant!
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