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Hello All,
Thanks for the ton of information on the forum which have greatly served me. I am here with a pertinent question in regards to proof of vie commune as I am about to renew my titre de sejour. One of the listed documents is releve d'identité bancaire. Do they mean just the RIB or detailed bank statement? DH and I opened a joint account which has little activity as we mainly use his personal account; he wanted to add me to that account but was told it's "no longer done" so we opened the joint account with the plan of transferring all transactions to that account which we haven't gotten around to doing.
The only other document we have bearing both our names is EDF. We are trying to change for internet and phone as well as gaz.
Is the prefecture interested in the money in the account or just the RIB itself?If yes, can we add hubby's personal statement plus his work contract and pay slips? :confused:
I appreciate all inputs


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If they are asking for a releve d'identite bancaire, then it's the RIB they want. It's fairly rare they ask for the actual bank statements, as I think there are some restrictions on what they can ask for in this regard.

You don't always need to have accounts or documents with both names on them. As long as you can produce documents (mostly invoices) with your name on them at the same address as he shows on the utility and other bills. (Have had this problem for ages. It's only lately that I've taken over paying a couple of the utilities in my own name as we have no joint accounts.)

Best strategy is to show that you live at the same address that he does, even if you do so by producing bills, registrations or other documents in one or the other name.
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