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Hi everyone,

I am an American living in France. My titre de sejour renewal appointment is quickly approaching. My rdv is Friday morning at the Nanterre prefecture. I have a visitor type D visa. I have what I believe (and hope) are all the required documents.

Such as:
4 N&B photos
Copies of pasport pages
Copies of visa
Copies of entry stamp
Copies of OFII sticker
Copies of birth certificate (and original)
Copies of "Certificat de controle medical"
Copies of a letter from my Heath Insurance company in the US
Copies of my last 3 bank statements
Copies of my boyfriends bulletin de paie, 3 months (because I live with him & his mother)
Copies of my boyfriend & his mother's ID
Copies of my boyfriend's impot papers
Copies & original of an "Attestation d'hebergement"
Copies of my hosts' EDF bill
Copies & original of "Attestation de prise en charge"

Is there anything else I should be aware of to bring to my RDV Friday? What should I expect? Will I be asked many questions? Such as my reasons of living here etc? Will I be offered French lessons to help my situation in France?

Thank you in advance!
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