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Moving from: Bahrain
Visa type applied for: 190

Applied: 19/Jan/2013
All docs including Forms 80 and 1221 uploaded on : 19th and 20th Jan 2013
Meds: the next week
CO and grant: 14/Feb/2013
Moving to: Perth in August
Congrats. Did it take only 2 months to get visa? I also applied for 189 on 13 January 2014 ( welfare center manager).

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Morning/evening Everyone,

Well we are at 3½ weeks waiting under priority now, it’s start to get to me…..let’s see what this week brings us

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my profile / my background

Hi fellow Aussies to be :)

Edited 8th Aug 2009 - there is a new timeline site available too.
http://www.aussietimeline.com/ if you have any comments on this new site please comment on this thread http://www.expatforum.com/expats/au...ralia/26942-new-timeline-monitoring-site.html since it was created by a member.

Since we've lost the Austimeline website it's been a pain to say the least (yes I know that there is now another site but it's not as good and I'm not sure we should rely on another site any more). Several of us have tried to contact the owner of the Austimeline but the emails bounce so we're not sure if that site will ever be back. It's shame since it was so useful.

Please note that this is only a guideline to time lines that our members have experienced with their visas. It's one of the most frequently asked questions and one of the most difficult to answer (until we invent a time machine :) ).

Now if you want to please add to this thread stating the following:

Moving from:
Visa type applied for:
Australian Standard Classification of Occupations (ASCO):
Date & description:
Visa conditions:
Area migrating to:

This thread is NOT for chat or questions. Any questions about time lines will be deleted!

It's a way of helping members to try to replace what was lost on that website. If we get enough members do this then we'll find another way to display the info so that it's easier to find.

Let me know by private message if you think I've missed anything and I'll add it in if I agree.


Moved from: MUMBAI, INDIA
VISA type applied for: 189 PR Visa

Australian Standard Classification of Occupations (ASCO): 261313

Important Dates & description:

ACS application - April 2013
ACS approval / clearance - July 2013
Medicals - Sept 2013
India PCC and USA - PCC - Sept 2013
PR GRANT-LETTER - Nov 2013 :first::first:

Visa conditions: My PR allows me to stay and work out of any state in AUS
Area migrated to: Sydney, NSW

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My husband is a main applicant.

Moving from: Canada
Visa type applied for: 176
Australian Standard Classification of Occupations (ASCO): 322313-Welder First Class
TRA : January 07/2011
SA submitted : January 16/2011, Doc received : January 28/2011
SA approved : March 22/2011
Visa 176 logged : March 25/2011
Case officer : Soon hopefully
How did you move go?
181 - 185 of 185 Posts