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Heard this on the Grape Vine, that the Italian Job is on . . . . . . . . . .

The Italian Job Theme Tune

Calling all Expat's, Spaniards in fact all Nationalities with Non UK registered
vehicles in Spain but more specifically those with Mini's, for example the BMW
Mini Cooper in fact any with a 1960's style car, like the Voltswagon Beetle,
Campervan, etc both old or new are welcome.

Be advised that the 2013, Italian Job Raid on London will be taking place in the
coming months, in our annual outing to Criss cross the London Congestion
charge area in a foreign car cavalcade, Italian Job style through the City of London.

As usual the trip will be organised by military precision. Participants are expected
to make their own way into the UK by various routes and ports. So please
no big group outings, keep to groups of one of two participant cars on the
Ferry and Channel Tunnel crossing.
Likewise your departure from the UK should be staggered as well.
To participate in the annual event, all car owners must have a mobile,
GPS Navigation systems, eg Tom, Tom and adept at arriving at certain points at a
certain time. Although the Field Marshall will organise a few trial runs in the UK
in order to produce the desired effect.

The desired effect being that the Mini's, Beetles and Campervans will join the
road leading upto the Congestion Charge camara. To form one long line of
1960's era cars, as your foreign registered cars pass by the camara. Italian Job
Style. 500 yards or so up the road, your cars will begin to disperse via
different road junctions and avenues.

Of course the same trick will performed again at random crossing points in and
out of the London Congestion Charge area ( at various times of the day ) all
co-ordinated by the Field Marshall by Mobile phone.

Obviously secrecy and security is vital in this operation, as the joining of cars
should ( at first sight ) look completely coincidental. So please no Italian Job
Car Stickers or those saying Up Yours Boris Johnson. As this will lead to instant
disqualification from this years event.

For further news Stay tuned to Twitter, Faxcebook amd Google Search

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Absolutely spiffing - top notch idea - that will highlight the stupidity of the UK, Ireland and
Denmark to opt out of the current initiative started by France. To share cross border
information on foreign car registration numbers along with the drivers name and address.

Best of all - I´d love to watch the London Assembly meeting on BBC Parliament, following
the Italian Job Raid past the Transport for London, Congestion Charge camara´s.
Just think of the furore it would create in the Papers, with the Mail & the Sun carrying
Page 1 Headlines of the foreign registered 1960´s Style cavalcade, motoring through

Boris Johnson´s face would be a picture to behold, as he plays to packed audiences on
the public gallery of the London Assembly. He´s dishevveled hair matching the dishevveled
looks on he´s face as he´s Political Opponents, lay into him at Lord Mayors question
time about the National newspaper headlines and Photographs of the Italian Job
cavalcade going through London.

Of course most disgruntled motorist´s in Britain would be applauding the stunt, as
many drivers are of the opinion that Speed Camara´s and Congestion Charge
camara´s are little more than an ill disguised revenue enhancing money generator.
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