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The UK today

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I've been seething about this all day so I thought I'd share. I work in a convenience shop in rather a "rough" end of town, In the south of England. I'm the supervisor, so have to deal with the complaints. Two girls came into the shop, there was some raised voices and one demanded to speak with the manager - I was as senior as it gets in the evenings. Anyway, one of the girls, she couldnt have been more than 15, was complaining that the checkout operator was refusing to accept the milk tokens she gets for her baby on two bottles of wine and some cigarettes! Apparently other checkout operators have allowed it and she simply couldnt see or understand why we wouldnt let her. They both shouted, ranted, refused to leave the shop... in the end I called the police, even then they said "good, they'll sort it", Convinced that the police would be on their side!! The "mother" then had a go at me for making her baby cry WTF??? The poor little thing had been sat in its buggy with its teenage mum and her mate hurling abuse. In the end she went - before the police arrived.

What has happened to the UK???????

I've worked in this shop for six months and I've been shouted at, sworn at most evenings, I've watched so many shop lifters just help themselves without even trying to be discreet, kids and adults picking things off the shelf and eating and drinking them while shopping.............

Rant over

Jo xxx
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It 's called 'jaywalking' . Run them over. I always had one hand on the air horns for them . In the 70's it was much less prevalent but on the occasions that it did happen we used to drive at them & chase them across the road ! :) The good old days. :rofl:
So what is the answer???? these "mouthy young chavs" are breeding millions of mouthy young chavs. They're taking over and expecting handouts at every turn and are just like feral animals - Its horrible and frightening! Wheres it going to end???

Jo xxx
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1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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