We have been investigating the top 10 luxury expat destinations to give you an idea of where you can get good value for money, where money is no object and where the lifestyle you can enjoy is luxury beyond your wildest dreams. There are many places which offer luxury although hopefully the list below will give you a glimpse of what is potentially waiting out there for you if you're looking for a new homeland.



While many people may be slightly surprised to see India in the list of top 10 luxury expat destinations, this is a country where the gap between those who have money and those who have no money is absolutely enormous. Therefore, in many areas of India you can live a life of luxury beyond your wildest dreams for relatively little money, at least compared to the cost of living in areas such as the UK. In the worldwide press we very often see India put forward as one of the economic powerhouses of the world, which it is, but how often do we see the underbelly of India?

Despite the fact that the Indian economy has grown dramatically over the last 20 or 30 years the cost of living in some areas of the country is disproportionately low compared to the overall gross domestic product for the country. Therefore, any expat looking to move to India for a life of luxury will find a number of regions where property is cheap, labour is readily available and many services and goods are also good value for money.
Please do get in touch with me if any of you are moving to India 's capital New Delhi in the near future. I have a few fully furnished flats which I want to rent out to expats and also please do write to me if you need any information regarding shifting to India or any other general information.regards
Hong Kong

For many years Hong Kong was administered by the UK government before the very controversial handover to China just a few years ago. The country has long been one of the major financial centres of the Far East and while there has been little in the way of change under the Chinese government many expect to see subtle changes happening in due course. However, at this moment in time there is no doubt that the financial wealth of the area as a whole is significantly greater than that of many countries around the world.

The cost of property in Hong Kong can be relatively high when you compare it to the likes of the UK predominantly because of the lack of space in the more heavily populated areas of Hong Kong. As a consequence, the area can be disproportionately affected by the ups and downs of the local economy and the worldwide economy. However, for those living and working in Hong Kong there is the chance to enjoy a relatively luxury lifestyle in an area of the world which has undergone major change over the years and will no doubt undergo major changes in the future.
Moving to Hong Kong - Need Advice

Again, many people will be surprised to learn that there is potential for a luxury lifestyle for those looking to live in Australia. Living in Australia and working in Australia has certainly caught the attention of many expats around the world and indeed a skills shortage across the Australian economy, not as a true today as it has been, has seen many expats moving to the country on relatively high wages. Due to the relatively high wages attracted by those with skills in short supply this opened the door to purchasing property in some of the more luxurious and prominent areas of Australia.

Life in Australia tends to be situated around the major cities more than any other country around the world mainly because of the difficult terrain in some areas of Australia. However, while the cost of living in Australia is broadly comparable to that in the UK it is the additional income available for those with appropriate skills which offers the chance to jump from a comfortable lifestyle to a more luxurious existence.
I need help do decide where to migrate. Me & my husband want to migrate from Dubai(current location) and move to Australia or Canada but are unable to decide which country to relocate

Canada is a country which has attracted more than its fair share of expats over recent years and while we have seen the cost of living continue to rise in Canada there are still some areas which offer excellent value for money. When you consider the countryside, log cabins, the climate and the potential for economic growth within Canada, it is not difficult to see why it has attracted significant numbers of those looking to find a new homeland.

As a consequence, those who are able to find employment within Canada will be fully aware of the potentially luxurious lifestyle which is available in some of the more out-of-town areas of the country. The luxury lifestyle is still available within some of the larger cities of Canada but the cost of living can be somewhat off-putting. Therefore, those who are willing to accept a mix between commuting to the large city employment centres and living on the outskirts of the city should be able to find some very rewarding and very eye-catching areas in which to set up a new home.
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United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates has for many years now been associated with luxury, massive expenditure and a lifestyle which many people can only dream of. Over the years there is no doubt that Dubai has attracted more than its fair share of attention when people look towards the United Arab Emirates despite the fact it is only one of a number of states under the "United Arab Emirates" banner. However, there is no doubt that Dubai does in many ways replicate the potential lifestyle in and around the United Arab Emirates!

The Dubai economy literally came from nowhere to become one of the hot spots of the world and we saw literally billions upon billions of dollars invested in the region by outside investors and the local government. We saw growth in the hotel industry, holiday homes, property market, tourism and indeed a number of international businesses decided that Dubai was a market they could ignore no longer. Due to the very lax tax system in Dubai even expats from relatively low income countries were able to move to the area for employment and enjoy a life of relative luxury.

For those with their own savings and investments there is the chance to enjoy a lifestyle which many of us can literally only dream about. Some may have you believe that Dubai, and indeed other areas of the United Arab Emirates, have fallen by the wayside forever but they will be back and they will grab more attention and more headlines in the future.
We are thinking of moving to Dubai , me, wife and kid aged 3. However, we're in a bit of a different situation than most. First of all, we won't directly have an employment in dubai, probably never will. I own businesses in a few countries in Europe and the idea is to move to Dubai for the tax incentives. I might set up a company in Dubai, depending on what advise i receive.

We have added Monaco to the list of luxury destinations purely and simply because it is the playboy capital of the world with a nominal gross domestic product of US$151,630 per capita. Needless to say, this is by far and away the largest GDP per capita anywhere in the world and fully reflects the massive wealth in the region and the life of unimaginable luxury which many people enjoy. Did you know that as of 2011 there are only 36,000 people living in Monaco?

The area itself is a principality of France governed under a constitutional monarchy with a head of state. It is one of the more secretive government's around the world although this has not stopped millionaires and billionaires from moving to the region for various tax advantages. There are few areas in the world which can match Monaco with regards to luxury, spending, lifestyle and money. For many people who live in the region money is no problem as you will see from the massive boats, massive houses and the very expensive cost of living in Monaco. This is an area of the world that the vast majority of us can only ever dream of visiting – never mind setting up home!
I'm an Italian citizen that works in sleep diagnostics in the USA. I am interested in finding work in financial centers like Monaco or the cayman islands etc. Is it particularly difficult to get into entry level finance positions in Monaco, especially for someone that would only be speaking english for a while?

The Maldives has long been a popular holiday destination with the rich and famous due to the fact it is situated in a relatively quiet area of the Indian Ocean. It is in fact a chain of islands with the overall population of the region round the 300,000 level. It is also the lowest country on the planet with an average ground level of just 1.5 m above sea level - indeed the highest point across the Maldive Islands is only 2.3 m!

It will come as no surprise to learn that while the Maldives was in many ways dependent upon fishing in years gone by, it is the tourism industry which has taken the area forward and seen a massive influx of visitors to the country. The area itself was decimated by the 2004 tsunami which led to a 3.6% contraction in GDP back in 2005 although the country soon bounced back with an 18% increase in 2006. The tourism industry now account for around 28% of GDP and 60% of Maldives foreign-exchange receipts with over 90% of taxes related to import duties and tourism in some shape or form. It is one of the most beautiful areas of the world and again many of the rich and famous continue to flock to the region.
If Seychelles is a tad too expensive (I'm still moaning about the airfare but what to do, it's home for me!), Maldives and Mauritius offer similar holidays, though out of the 2, Maldives have nicer beaches.

Egypt is a country which continues to attract very different impressions and very different understandings of the way of life. Like so many countries around the world, including the likes of India which we have included in this list, the difference between those at the bottom end of the income scale and those at the very top is enormous. However, more and more people are now enjoying luxury holidays in Egypt with excellent facilities across many of the more popular Egyptian tourist resorts.

As we have seen in many areas of the world where tourism is one of the main elements of the local economy, luxury holidays have attracted those in search of a luxury lifestyle. As a consequence, Egypt continues to attract significant numbers of expats from around the world many of whom are looking to seriously upgrade their lifestyle and their standard of living. The area has a population of around 80 million with the vast majority of employment opportunities centred round the major Egyptian cities.
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Barbados is yet another of those luxury destinations which effectively began life, at least in the eyes of many expats, as a luxury holiday destination. Many will be surprised to learn that the island is only 21 miles in length and 14 miles in width equating to round 166 mi.². Thankfully it is outside of the principal Atlantic hurricane belt which will be something of a godsend to the 285,000 population of Barbados!

The island itself has a relatively colourful past with Spanish, Portuguese and British explorers all passing through the region at some point in years gone by. It is still part of the UK commonwealth and Queen Elizabeth II is still the head of state. Despite the size of Barbados it is actually the 51st richest country in the world in terms of GDP and has a very diverse economy and more than its fair share of wealthy individuals. Tourism is the major growth element of the Barbados economy and as we touched on above, the country has attracted more than its fair share of wealthy individuals. A luxury life in Barbados is not necessarily cheap, relative to the vast majority of countries around the world, but there is no doubt that for many people it is worth every penny.
Does anyone know how easy it is to emigrate to and find work in barbados from the uk? I am a plumber and heating engineer

Thailand is a country which still suffers from the stigma attached to various unsavoury activities carried out by a small number of Thailand nationals and some tourists. As a consequence, those looking to move to Thailand and work in Thailand are very often given the wrong impression by the detrimental worldwide news headlines. However, if you delve deeper below the surface you will see that the vast majority of Thailand is well-developed, offers good value for money and a luxury lifestyle many expats are looking for.

Thankfully the authorities have begun a serious assault on the unsavoury elements who visit Thailand and while the reputation of the country is better than it has been there is still work to be done. However, a luxury lifestyle in Thailand does not necessarily have to cost you the earth.
Tax System in Thailand

We hope that the above list has given you some ideas with regards to luxury destinations for expats looking for a new homeland. We have given you a number of different elements to think about because some areas of the world are seen as "money is no problem" while other areas of the world offer value for money because of the massive difference in those at the bottom and the top of the income scale. There is certainly much to investigate and dream about!