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Hi there, I need some clarification on the best way to move to the states to be with my Fiance.

I am looking to move to Florida in december and I am wandering what is the best way to do it? I of course plan to marry my Fiance but wanted to know which is the best option? (We also need to leave the States June the following year for a Family Wedding so timing is important.)

1. Marry before?
2. Enter on a fiance visa then get married straight away?will it be through in time?
3.Enter on a holiday visa then get married after a month or so?

I understand 3. can be risky but is it so hard to beleive that we wanted try living together before we made the life long commitment?

I fully inted to use an immigration lawyer and would also like to know-cost aside, is it easier to use London or Florida Based?

Any help is much appreciated:) Simon

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Fatbrit or twostep will have to weigh in here, but a quick check of the relevant web pages seems to indicate that, unless your fiance has taken US citizenship, there isn't a fiancé visa available.

If you get married, the best you are going to be able to do is a Family second preference visa as described here: Family Based Immigrants

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