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tennis balls for a happier dog

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My husband and I are having the hardest time finding where to buy some tennis balls in Paris. We live in the 11th and don't have a car but will go anywhere by metro to get some for our dog, who is having tennis ball withdrawal (he's obsessed with them).

Can anyone help? I thought I found that Au Vieux Campeur had a store devoted to tennis, but I can't seem to find where it is, and their phone system wasn't working when I called with my poor French!

Thank you for any help.

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Find your local tennis clubs, there are always pseudo-professionals for whom a second game with a ball is one too many.

I filled a dustbin with 'rejected' balls over a period of a couple of years when I lived in teh UK - keeps my spaniels happy.
The two big sporting goods chains are GoSport and Decathlon. I'm fairly sure there should be at least one or both somewhere in La Defense - or possibly in the shopping center at Les Halles (was just there today, but obviously wasn't looking for sports stuff).

For big chains like this, check the shopping centers out on the edges of Paris - along the Périphérique or possibly in the big shopping center on the way out to Roissy (CDG, the airport). I know I've seen signs along the highway.
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