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Tech Companies in Montpellier

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I have recently moved to France (perpignan)after living in Dubai for a long time. I have family here. With more than 10 years of multinational experience, I am looking to break ground in the job market here. I speak basic French & am willing to re-locate. My wife is employed. She says in France, its important to know somebody to get into an organization. Its a way of life here :)
Unfortunately we don't know anybody in the IT industry yet ! So if any one from Montpellier ( we know there are tech cos' there) is associated with a tech job, please do advise.
Appreciate your feedback.

Have a nice day.
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IT is one of the few businesses where you ccan start easily. There is a HUGE demand for qualified experts. Note that I wrote 'qualified" coz without qualifications, it might be better to start your own business.
By the way Montpelllier is 1000 times better than Perpignan for IT, although it might depend on your expertise: networks, development, software integration, DB?

You will find IT related firms in pagesjaunes.fr (yellow pages). Same for large organisations if this is what you are looking fro. But please learn French and also consider starting your own business.

Good luck
Just a quick thought - if your name is (as it sounds) a ham radio call sign, start contacting the various ham groups in Montpellier. The radio amateurs generally have lots of contacts with the electronics and IT industries. Start looking for and attending the ham fairs and shows in the area. It's an excellent way to make contacts.
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