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Teaching in victoria

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I, I wonder if somebody could help - I am currently a primary headteacher looking to emigrate to Victoria in 12 - 18 mths time. I would be looking to return to the classroom as a class teacher and would really appreciate any advice on how to get started. Do I contact schools directly and see if I can get a sponsored visa? Do I need to have my qualifications evaluated first? What sort of contracts are usually offered - temporary or permanent? Is 12 to 18 mths a realistic timescale? Thanks in anticipation of any help!
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AngiW said:
Hi Srico
A few questions - are you planning on applying for a visa yourself or are you named on a spouse's visa? The reason I'm asking is because I'm a primary teacher and couldnot apply for a 175 visa as the occupation is no longer on the SOL. I'm a dependent on my husband's visa (he's a construction manager).

You would need to check diac but my understanding is that SA is the only state currently willing to sponsor primary teachers at the minute. Or I guess you might be able to find sponsorship of some sort if you are willing to live in a remote/rural area or the outback (but I'm only guessing). If you check the stickies at the top of the page you will find some useful links and look at the diac site to check for up-to-date info.

I do plan to teach in Victoria when (if!) we finally get a visa grant but even then I'm expecting it to be an uphill battle. My understanding is that once you get into a school you can get registered but most schools are reluctant to take a teacher until after they are registered. Tbh I haven't fully researched it - I'll jump that hurdle when it comes.

I honestly hope things work out for you. Try searching this site for a link about teaching in Victoria. You never know what you might find. There are many more people who are vastly more knowledgable than me!
No, unfortunately, i would be applying for the visa. Thanks for the prompt reply though. I'll look into the SA option.
Thank you both for the prompt replies. Unfortunately, I would be applying for the visa so having a spouse doesn't help! I have been headteacher for 2 and a half years but still teach on a weekly basis so I still have up to date experience. I'll look into the SA option- fingers crossed.
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