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I am a certified Junior High/High School English teacher in the states with a professional teaching license. I have TESOL certification and have been doing that for the past three years prior to moving to Adelaide. I've also given lectures to prepare students for the TOEFL test in the states.

The market for teaching ESL seems great here and I have seen many English schools located all over Adelaide for foreign students. I've applied to about four positions in the past couple of weeks.

I'm just wondering if anyone who has done or is doing the same could give me some helpful hints such as:

How high should my TESOL certification actually be? Now I'm wondering if my certification is not up to Australian standards (although I am very close).

Are there any recommendations for paths I should take when searching for a job? (websites, clubs or organizations I can join)

It almost seems like there's too much (branches of all major universities that also have private, separate schools, etc) to narrow down what I'm doing. It seems I don't understand the system.

In the past it has served me well to have public school classroom experience as well as ESL experience. This made it difficult to create my Aussie CV. Do you have any hints for how to set up a CV that includes all of my jumbled experience?

Any info would be helpful and appreciated.

I've only started the hunt for the past 3 weeks but I am nervous (as we all are in this situation). It has been my dream to work abroad since I was 14 and I'm so close I can taste it, hahaa. :clap2:

Any tutoring services that have been decent hours and money? I feel like if I can just get a foot in somewhere I can easily expand from there...:fingerscrossed:

Just looking for any and all support. Thanks!

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