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Taxes on Salaries in Greece

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Hi Guys,

I am moving to Greece after the summer to chase love. I have landed a job that seems to pay well but I have a few questions I am hoping some knowledgeable people can help out on:

1) The salary I have been offered is in gross (before tax + stoppages). After speaking with a few Greek friends who say Greek salaries are typically quoted in net (after tax and stopages). Does anyone have any experience with this?

2) Apart from income taxes what else comes off a salary in Greece? For instance in the UK we have national insurance and income tax.

A few other bits to finish off the story. I am looking at driving over from the UK in a left hand drive smart car in mid-July (the parking where I am looking to move to is terrible!). Tips on planning would be appreciated!
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Brilliant reply. I will take your advice to our HR and hopefully they can provide some answers which I will post back if I can.

I am sure I will be begging for more great advice in the summer when it come to renting a place in Athens.
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Got a reply from our HR - it seems a fair whack is taken in form on deductibles unfortunately (around 1/3rd of mine comes out after everything!).

Seems similar to the English system I have grown sick of!
It is a yes for the time being - I am over just after the second elections to look at some apartments in Northern Athens, if you know any good places to look for renting feel free to help.

If the place descends into chaos then I may stay away!
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