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So a summary about my background, I am an Australia PR holder currently in Malaysia. I have plan to move to Aust by the last Q of 2017 and I work for a very big MNC that is based in US as a Network Security Engineer. I told my manager about my move to Aust and requested for a transfer to the same company located in Australia and was lucky enough to be granted that option! Just when i thought my worries of finding a work in Australia would be gone, but that was not the case.

While my manager was trying to file a transfer for me to move to the Australia for the same position through HR, the taxation people came to my manager said there will be complication moving me over to Australia. Apparently my role is a very global role, meaning I don't support only Australia office but also globally like offices in AMER, EMEA, and APAC. Because of my global role they will face some taxation problem which they would like to avoid. When my manager told me this news, my heart skipped a beat. The question that came into my mind was, why in the world would this global role of mine would be a problem??????? There are so many big IT companies in Australia and i am pretty sure they don't just support Australia market only! So i told my manager the news that he gave me was all ********, there is no way a company is so short minded and would just look after Australia market! Yes, before I ask for the transfer to Aust, I noticed also that the position that they hire in Australia is pretty much in house focus more, but that doesn't mean they cannot put someone there to support globally right?

So I felt really upset with the news, and I asked my manager to give me name the tax person who said this. I would like to get more in detail what is this "global" role that i am in that could have caused "taxation" problem!? Which he said he will tell me sometime next week who that person is. I also told him that I need to ask people that are in Australia now, if this is true. So i need to do some homework before I throw the question at the tax people.

So here are my question that i would like to ask the tax people when i get a chance

1) My team VP has already approved my move and money all has been negotiated. What is stopping me from being hired in Australia?
2) What is this "taxation" thing for my "global" role that would be a road block for my move?
3) I need to see the black and white written by some taxation organization body saying this is the case
4) If this has something to do with the Australia Taxation Office (ATO), will need to call them and clarify if this is true.

Only once I have heard from them only i can plan what will be my next move. I spoke with a few people in Australia already and it could be something to do with the entity of my Australian company tax term and regulation. Meaning when they setup the office in Australia, they would only focus on Australia market only. If they try to get more position that does "global" role, they will get taxed more or there will be complication filing the tax for me. Some said it could be me reporting to a US based manager but I am based in Australia that could be the problem.

I have heard quite a few feedback from my friends who are in Australia now but they told me there is no reason for stopping them from hiring me in Australia! One of my friend even called the ATO to clarify and they said there should not be a problem to hire someone who has PR to be placed in Australia to work on global role. ATO requested more information but at that time i didn't have that much info. The excuse given from the Tax people seems to be an excuse not to transfer me over as it could lead to more work. My only fear is that this "taxation" thing could be a corporate tax thing that doesn't not involve the ATO.

I feel like i have been unfairly treated about this transfer and i will go and fight for my rights to be hired in Australia by all means. That means I need to talk to those taxation people who said they cannot put me over and then do my own research why is this happening and if it is true.

If anyone if you know some info about this, please do share your knowledge with me. I need all the help now if possible. Thanks...

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Hello Barney,

Can you please advise what happened in your case? Were you successful in getting the transfer?

I smell something fishy here as there should not be any problem for transferring you over to the new location. It could be that they might have to process you as a transfer case which might lead to additional costs to the company.

The simple way I have seen is that you are given an offer letter from the New location based firm which you accept and resign from the existing one by accepting the offer letter. Once your resignation is processed, you are officially out of your Malaysian Branch of the company and officially you join the Australian Branch (Branch here refers to the company name registered as per the country laws).

Would love to hear further on this.
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