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I've been between France and the UK since 2011 but always paid UK taxes up until September 2014. I was working as a contractor but spent a lot of the time working remotely or on client sites whether from the UK or my French address. We decided last year that we wanted to leave the UK and move to France permanently so I found a permanent job (via a UK company) here in France last year.

My employer told me that I now need to declare my income in France from 09/14 to 12/14 as it's different to the UK. However, I am a little worried as we kept an apartment in Paris and paid 'taxe d'habitation' for each year we were here. The tax office at the time asked whether or not it was our principal home or our secondary home - at the time it was our secondary home and this information was provided to the 'impots'.

Now that I am filing my income tax return here for the first time, I am worried that some of the information I provide might raise suspicions:

> As my partner was basically living in France for most of the time, both our children were born in France. My partner never worked and didn't have any type of income so she never declared anything. I now have to put my children on the 2042 form with their birthplace (Paris)
> On form 2042, they are asking for my address in January 2014 which was technically in the UK but was the address where I paid the 'taxe d'habitation'.

We've since moved out of Paris to another region so was wondering if they would have a record of us in their system? I'm afraid to put down my old address in Paris on the 2014 tax return in case they start to look into my affairs...and I really don't want that to happen as I did work for some French clients via a UK entity when I was a consultant.
In order to get around this, I can provide a 'bail d'habitation' which they've asked for with regards to calculating the taxe d'habitation in our new property for Jan 2015

Should I just file the return as of our status in Sept 2014 and forget mentioning anything related to our previous accommodation? What risks am I taking in doing that? If they come back to me on that, is there a chance they could come down hard on us, as in open an investigation?

Sorry for all the questions but I'm just trying to cover all potential scenarios/pit falls...

I'd appreciate any advice on this matter.

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The French aren't nearly as hyper about details as some other tax authorities are - at least not unless there are huge sums involved that point clearly to tax "evasion."

Unless you're married or PACS'd with your partner, what she did or didn't do regarding taxes is her problem. Go in to see the tax office with your 2014 information and ask for their advice on the situation. Don't offer anything over and above what they ask you for, and as long as any "problems" that pop up are clearly not willful attempts to evade taxes, there should be little or no problem.
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