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I can't answer your question directly I'm afraid, as I do not know what tax will be charged. But, I also think it is a bit hit and miss as far as tax is concerned, I mean I don't think there is a set level. I think it depends on how the customs officials feel on the day!!!

What I would say though, is most of what you have written you could probably buy in Egypt much more reasonably that the cost of shipping and tax. Kitchen electricals for example, I got a microwave in the old market, which has the British plug so has obviously been shipped over so is good quality, and is cost me 750 EGP. It's quite high in comparison to what you could get in Tesco, but I think much lower than what you'd pay to ship it yourself and in tax. Similar story for my toaster. Old market has most things, or if not you can bring things from Cairo or El Tur even more reasonably.

Other things I would be tempted to also bring in your luggage. My friend brought her flat screen TV in her luggage and it made it to the other end just fine!! But again TVs are reasonably priced here, as are DVD players and other electrical goods. Kitchen items I would suggest bringing like a potato masher, potato peeler and a few other useful gadgets, but knives forks spoons etc again you can get here just fine.

As far as your house goes, if you are that desperate to move have you considered renting it out until it sells?? Otherwise in this market you may be looking at selling it for a fraction of its worth. If you needed the money from there to buy here, then you could just rent here also for a while until the money is released.

Hope that helps :)
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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