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I think you should ask an agent for advice. You usually do need the fathers permission and it must be written permission. Also if she turns 16 you need to consider if she will still be a dependent or must make her own application.

This is not a open and shut case so please seek professional migration advice.

I hope some of you can help. We are currently getting all the paperwork together for our visa application and have a couple of questions which I hope you can answer.

My eldest daughter is 15 (16 in March2010), I have custody of her and she very rarely sees her father. My husband has looked after her since she was 18 months old.

Anyway her passport is in mine and my husbands name but her birth certificate her fathers name.

How do I stand about taking her with me. She desparately wants to go but ideally we would not anticipate in leaving Scotland until she sits her exams next year, by which time she will be 16. Thats if we get a visa that quick!!!!

Do I need to ask her fathers permission?
Can I apply for the visa now and explain the circumstances or do I have to wait until she is 16?

I am assuming that as soon as she turns 16 she is able to make up her own mind without her fathers permission.

There is soo much to thinks about and I would appreciate all the advice you can give
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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