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taking my daughter to Australia

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My partner is applying to go Australia and I plan to accompany him as I will be his wife by then. I have a ten year old daughter with my ex husband and I know that i have to have his ermission to be able to yake her. Does anyone have any tips on things I will have to make sure I have in place should I have to take the matter to court?
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You will need to get her fathers permission to take her to Australia if his name is on her birth certificate. If he objects, theres very little you can do I'm afraid. The best policy is to try to get him to see that it may benefit his "little girl" I dont think there is anything you can do to change it if he says no - I doubt the courts will see any reason to allow you to take her so far away from him, family and friends if he objects!!

Jo xxx
Hi SparklySue,

If you do a search this issue has come up a few times before and those posts may have some extra info to help you.

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