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I'm planning on relocating to Germany shortly. I've been researching the process, and it seems that I have to do the following:

1. Have my dog have a rabies shot at least 21 days before departure but no more than a year before departure
2. No blood titer test is necessary because the USA is not classified as high risk
3. The dog must be microchipped with an ISO 11784 or ISO 11785 chip. The chip has to be inserted before the rabies shot has occurred.

And it seems that that is it. I got this information from germany [dot] info -- in the section on pets . I read on some third party websites that a health certificate was potentially necessary within 10 days of departure? However, the germany.info site does not seem to state anything along these lines.

Has anyone taken a dog from the US to Germany? What requirements did you have to meet? Did you need a health certificate?
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