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Hello all

My wife and I are more than likely moving to Sydney next year, as it is so very big I would like to ask you lovely people for help in suggesting a place to live. I have looked on this site and a number of others to compare places but I thought someone on here could give info based on my specific circumstances, here they are:

My wife will be based in Bankstown, on Bullecourt Avenue to be precise.

I have no job lined up yet but most likely will be in Finance in some capacity, where is the best place for this, I guess CBD/Parramatta mainly yes?

Weekly budget for house: $400 - $500 (closer to 400 would be better!)

We Want: Safe place for young children, parks, shops, schools, decent pubs. We would like somewhere quiet but not too much so, not complete suburbia for miles around.

We dont want: Nightlife, clubs etc, students, loads of drunk people (although some are fine!).

Ideally we would like to be within an hour commute from Bullecourt Av, Bankstown, Parramatta and the CBD.

I have been looking at a few places, what is Campsie like?

Is any of this feasible? If so, where would you suggest as a nice place to live?

Thanks for your help.
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