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Hi everyone,

It wasn't that long ago when my wife and I were working flat out trying to put forward the very best case for her UK settlement visa (see a couple of the previous posts below).


We wanted to drop by here and say a huge THANK YOU to everyone (especially Nyclon) who helped us because we have now successfully completed the application and have received our settlement visa for us to move to the UK!


Our application was rather nervy as we didn't have the level of relationship evidence that we really felt we needed, therefore we had to think out of the box in how we proved our case. Thankfully, in the end the powers that be were satisfied enough to give us the visa.

For all those concerned, the following is the list of documents that we finally submitted and which resulted in a successful application:

1. Main

a. Applicant cover letter
b. Sponsor cover letter
c. Printed and signed VAF4A form
d. Appendix 2 form
e. Appointment confirmation
f. Proposed flight itinerary

2. Applicants evidence

a. Applicant’s passport and 2 passport photos
b. TB certificate
c. IELTS certificate
i. An explaining letter with Chinese ID
d. IHS reference No.

3. Sponsor evidence

a. Birth certificate
b. Sponsors passport photocopy
c. SU07 form

4. Accommodation evidence

a. Invitation letter from parents
b. Land registry document
c. Property inspection report
d. Mortgage statement
e. Council tax bill
f. Utility bills x2

5. Financial requirement evidence

a. Sponsor’s declaration letter about the money - (£75,000 cash gift from parents)
b. Sponsor’s Parent’s letter saying the money was a gift from Granddad’s house sale
c. Parent’s Letter explaining the transaction of the money
i. Bank statement showing the money leaving their account.
d. Granddad’s house sale receipt
e. Bank statement for 7 months
f. Bank account open letter

6. Relationship evidence

a. Letter to explain the why we submit certain documents
b. Marriage certificate, receipt and several page of wedding book.
c. Photos of us in difference occasions with family and friends.
d. iMessage, WhatsApp, Facetime, and Skype call screen shots during our relationship for 1 year and half (before we got married) - 20 pages in total.
e. Flight tickets of us visiting each other and travelling together.
f. Visa stamps showing the visits to each other.
g. Several love letters.
h. Daily SMS messages showing we live together during our time in China.
i. Sponsor’s work contract.
j. Letter from sponsor’s employer saying our place is owned by them and provided for both us to live in.
k. Several cards send from family to us in China.
l. A couple of e- tickets from our family visiting us in China.
m. Several cards send from family to us in China.
n. A couple of e-tickets from our family visiting us in China.

We wish everyone the best in their own respective visa applications. Hopefully our case can be an encouragement to those also feeling nervous during that difficult time. Know that even a less than perfect case can be accepted!
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