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I used this forum often during my husbands application & know how useful it was to us so felt it only right to give back. Here's the details.

Husband been living in Scotland with me on Spouse visa which was due to expire 17/7/17. I am UK citizen, been married over 30 years but we lived in USA for most of them returning to Scotland in Dec 2014. He applied online and we chose to use the premium service in Glasgow. Here's the documents we included.

His application
Declaration forms (generated and printed out during online application process)
Receipts for both payments for visa and his IHS number. (These we're both in email format)
His passport with original visa (the passport expired last year)
His new passport (they need the original visa so make sure you take both passports if this applies to you)
My passport
2 photos of him, 1 of me.
Marriage certificate

How we proved finance: he's retired and his pension met threshold so didn't require any further sources. The latest statements were less than 28 days old from date of application.

3 pension statements over the 2.5 year period he has been in country.
3 bank statements showing those pension deposits.
The last 6 months of pension statements
The last 6 months of bank statement
I printed bank statements from our online account so got a letter from bank stipulating statements authentic, signed, dated, on their letterhead. Bank is in USA but had no problem getting the letter by making a phone call to them.
I'm not sure if we needed to show the pensions & bank statements over the last 2.5 years because I kept reading different things, decided to include it so they could see financial stability since arrival not just 6 months, but I would comfortably defer to the experts on this site.

Proof of relationship/occupancy. The oldest letter was dated less than 28 days from application.

6 letters addressed to both of us from 5 different sources covering the last 2.5 years. They were from;
City council
Scottish Power
Clydesdale Bank
NFCU bank (our USA account)
Internal revenue
Lease for our rental in both our names.

We made photo copies of entire application packet to leave with them as suggested.

Glasgow premium service:

We had no difficulty booking our appointment during application (at one point there were no appts available I waited 24 hours then got on it just fine, think it was just an online glitch)
You have to go through security clearance similar to that in airport 15 minutes before appt.
A brief interview, handed over documents, husband fingerprinted, then sat and waited an agonizing 2.5 hours.
FLR(M) granted until January 2020. visa is no longer put in passport, they will send him a biometric card within 10 days which will now act as his visa.
This office is in odd place, if you can do a reckie before your appointment I advise you do as we got lost when we did one.
There is a cafe across the street so if you arrive early (my husband wanted to be over there an hour before appt!) you can grab a coffee etc.
It is a long wait but they have a snack/drink machine in waiting area.
Advise you take something to keep you distracted, I took a book.

There was a lot of people in the waiting area, most of whom were asked to go back to clear up some question immigration officer had. We were never asked back so I feel I can safely say his package was on point.

Good luck to everyone going through this process and thanks to everyone for sharing and advising, it was VERY helpful being in the forum!

Now I'm off for a glass of wine to celebrate getting this nerve racking process over with! 馃嵎馃憤

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Nice one, congrats :)

My wife's visa expires on 17/08/17. Within how many days in advance we can apply for the visa? You visa expires on 17/07/17 but you applied a month before that.


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For FLR(M) after 30 months in UK, from 4 weeks before expiry date.
Dec 2014 she landed in the UK , 30th month is June 2017. So we can apply online, say on the 20th July and post the supporting docs next day.

Thanks for your quick reply Joppa.
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