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Hi guys,

I'm new here. I read through posts on different sites about submitting multiple EOIs and I found arguments on whether it is possible to do this. I cannot find any official claim to clarify this issue.

Note, this is just a yes/no question from me. Please don't reply me if it is about moral.

I submitted my first EOI on telecommunications engineer - 2633 on 20th of June with 60 points (i know it's low but at that time I had confidence on getting the invitation).

Then after one and half month (4th of Aug), the DIAC announced new rules for the "six" occupations including 2633.

From that time, I knew I can never get the invitation.

Then one month ago, I applied for skill assessment from ACS for Computer Network Professionals - 2631.

I believe I was one of the last ones (recent graduates) to be assessed. This is because ACS changes rules from 1st of Nov, 2013, i.e., graduates cannot apply for skill assessment from ACS.

I was lucky. I got my result yesterday and it was positive. So I immediately submitted my second EOI on 2631 with 60 points.

My question is, I haven't withdraw or suspended my first one yet. Do I have to do that or just leave it to get me higher chance?

I know some of you might think this is not fair to others. But if you think that DIAC suddenly changed the rules and let later applications with higher points jump into the queue in front of people like me, where the hell was fairness to us? I could withdraw my first EOI anytime, but if i have a backup, why don't I keep it?

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