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I have

1. B.Sc. Engineering degree on EEE (3.24 out of 4), and AlsoEMBA on MIS (3.32 out of 4);
2. Total 5.5 years job experience (4.5 years telecom+ 1 year adjunct business lecture)*

a. I have 4.5 years job experience in telecommunications ( specialist technology- as a team leader, project manager and project planner),
b. then i changed the track and started doing teaching ( adjunct lecture) at universities on business, there*i have 1 year of experience.

1.What*kind of*occupation code i should choose for subclass 189?
2.I don't want to do engineering job, then what subclass is better for me?
If you want to claim work experience points, you can try write a CDR based on Telecom 2633. If you don't want to take a risk and are good in English and can manage 60 points without work exp, go for safer options in Electrical Engineering.

MSA Booklet: https://www.engineersaustralia.org.au/sites/default/files/resource-files/2017-03/MSA Booklet.pdf

This forum will help you with all your questions: http://www.expatforum.com/expats/au...neer-australia-processing-time-frame-641.html

If you don't write a good CDR, you may be given 233914 Engg Technologist and hence you will need 65 points and long long wait.

And yes teaching won't be considered as work exp.
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