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About me - I live in Melbourne and I am currently on a student visa and will finish my degree in Bachelors of IT in June 2015. I have a brother and a sister-in-law who are both citizens in Australia. Also, I reckon Professional Year is completely useless and is a waste for $13K. Regarding IELTS, I have at least 7 bands in each section.

The situation - I am in a dilemma regarding which subclass should I apply for once I graduate. I have an option of Temporary Graduate Visa (485) and Sponsored Temporary Visa (489).

Here's my analysis about each visa. Please feel to correct me, if I am wrong.

485 - It will allow me to stay for another 18 months, in which I will look for an occupation listed in SOL and/or do professional year in order to meet the requirements of ACS approval before applying for 189. In case of this visa, the only reason I am considering doing professional year is because, say I work in my listed occupation and for some reason, I get laid off and can't complete the required 1 year experience. I may not have enough time to look for similar role while the 18 month visa expiration clock is still ticking. So I will have Professional Year as a backup option and can still apply for ACS approval before 485 expires.

489 - I can be sponsored by my brother, which will allow me to stay and work up to 4 years in any part of Victoria. I can look for an occupation listed in SOL and completely avoid doing Professional Year. Once I have one year experience, I can apply for ACS approval and then proceed with 189. I do realise that this visa may delay the time of me applying of 189.

Can someone please share their knowledge on my situation and which visa is the best option here?

Thank you.
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