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Hi All,

I am a wife a new zealand citizen and its been 2 years that we got married. My husband has stayed in NZ for about 10 yrs and then stayed in India for about 2 years and now he has move to Australia 1 month back. Since its been only a month so he is looking for a job there.

Now I am planning to apply for a subclass 461. As per the requirements I have managed to arrange the following documents:

1) Joint bank accounts statements as we don't have any joint name bills or rent agreement
2)Marriage Certificate
3) Tickets of places we have travelled together and lots of photographs
4) Social media chat history and call logs
5) Police Clearance Certificate

Please let me, if any other document is needed.

I have gone through many posts regarding 461 and is really confused about few things :

1) Do we need to buy insurance now and attach the document ?

2) As my husband stayed in 2 countries and he is a sponsor ,so do I need his police clearance certificates as well ?

3) As soon as he get's a job do we need to attach an offer letter as well ?

4) We have some friends in australia, so is it good idea to add Form 888's (Statutory declaration ) ?

I will really appreciate your help .
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