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Hi guys, good to be back on this forum. Reminds me of my days of spending countless hours here. Any ways, question is regarding the subject matter.

Do I need to be married before I apply for subclass 309 for my fiancée?

The reason I asked is because of the following extract from the website:

"Application location

To apply outside Australia on the basis of marriage, you must either be legally married to your partner at time of application or intend to legally marry your partner before a decision is made on the temporary Partner visa."

Please click here to go to the actual immi.gov.au website
(click plz)

I'm going to get married in January 2014 and was thinking about applying before hand. As my fiancée is from a High Risk country, it takes 12 months to be granted this visa. So if I apply now and upload our marriage certificate in January, would that work?

If you follow this link, How this visa works click plz, under Responsibilities, it says:

"Sponsor and applicant - Be in a married or de facto relationship prior to lodging an application."

Now that statement contradicts the one above and it's starting to do my head in.

It might be a dumb question but wouldn't hurt to ask.

Appreciate someone's input

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