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Hi everyone,

I am wishing to submit my EOI, I have consulted many migration agents, but they are all telling me different things and I am so confused now....

To begin, I have achieved 65 points now (with an overall of 7 in IELTS, I am striving for 8 now, so that I can achieve 75).

The biggest problem I am facing is the occupation that I chose. I have selected 22511 Advertising Specialist when I was applying for my TR, I have gained experience in this field. However, this occupation does not appear in any states' SNOL. The migration Agent I consulted with suggested me to select 225499 Technical Sales Representatives nec in SA. I am not sure if it is going to work. By doing so, I will have to submit a new SRG 1 skill assessment, and then submit the second hald of my skill assessment (SRG 2) for my EOI. Here is my biggest concern. If I change my occupation, will they think that I am trying to provide false information? if yes, I will not be able to stay here anymore.

Considering that I have passed the second part of my Skill Assessment (SRG 2). How long approximately do I need to wait for the result to be out?

Oh... and besides Visa 190, what other types of visa do you think I can get?

thank you in advance!

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