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Subclass 101 - baby visa

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Hi all,

Can anyone please put highlight on subclass 101 - child visa? what happens when parents on 175 PR and wanna apply for baby visa?

What is the duration to get the visa if applied from India...or can parent apply it from Australia wherein; kid is in India?

How much time does it take for both of the procedures? I guess the fees is 1705 AUD ...

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Hi Amit

A friend got her PR visa while she was 7 months pregnant. she had to wait to deliver, Once the baby came they applied for the passport which they got in a fortnight. Post which they applied for the visa for the baby, they got the visa in 2 and half months.
I am not sure about onshore procedure, just telling you what a friend did.

Thx for reply,

Birth certificate is needed for passport and that itself takes around 1 month for issuance.

Can baby be on some other visas, if parents on 175 PR, sumthing like 457, or visit visa for sometime and then apply onshore dependent PR?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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