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I am the silent reader of this site since last one month. I am planning to apply for Subclass 189 but have some queries for which need your help:

1) I have done my Bachelors of Engineering in Mechanical stream from India with 7 years of IT experience till now. Do I need to apply for RPL or not?

2) Below are the points, I am considering. Please let me know if I am wrong in any of these:

Age 29 - Points 30
IELTS - score 7 - Points 10
Educational Points - B.E. (Mechanical) - Points 15
Spouse Qualifications - Points 5
(Spouse has done Bachelor of Technology in Bio Tech having 7 years of IT Experience).
I am not considering my work experience points as my 6 years will be deducted in
ACS assessment. Right?

3) Do I need to get my spouse ACS assessment separately or it can be under one single assessment?

4) We both will apply under 261311 - Analyst Programmer. I have heard a lot that there is very less chance or no chance with applicants having 60 score. Is this correct? or we will get the visa for sure now or later?

5) Do my spouse need to give the IELTS too in order to get 5 extra points or her qualification pursued in English language would be sufficient?

Thanks in Advance.

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Hi Raman,

My case is similar to yours, did you apply through RPL route?

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