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Dear Experts,
Firstly thanks to you all for your invaluable suggestions which helps a lot for potential immigrants here.

This is regarding, number of years experience needed to apply PR under 186 Direct entry scheme. Unfortunately, ACS deducted 6 years of experience as my masters degree (M.Tech) is not relevant to ICT. Hence my work experience after 2012 Dec is only considered for employment. This evaluation was done with an intent to launch 189 skilled independent visa.

I have been working since last evaluation and added 2.5 years of experience to the below mentioned work experience. Including my current experience I have total of 8.5 year of experience.

I've got positive assessment from ACS in 2013, and here are the wordings in the certificate.


Your skills have been assessed to be suitable for migration under 261112 (Systems Analyst) of the ANZSCO Code.

The following employment after December 2012 is considered to equate to work at an appropriately skilled level and relevant to 261112 (Systems Analyst) of the ANZSCO Code.

Dates: 09/05 - 06/06 (0yrs 9mths) Position: Analyst Programmer Employer: INDIA
Dates: 07/06 - 04/07 (0yrs 9mths) Position: SAP Consultant Employer
Dates: 05/07 - 04/09 (1yrs 11mths) Position: SAP Associate Consultant
Dates: 05/10 - 01/13 (2yrs 8mths) Position: SAP Associate Consultant

Now, my company is willing to sponsor my PR under 186 direct entry steam, however I just wonder should I wait till Dec 2015 to complete 3 years of experience or can I lodge my application as I am not going to claim any points hence 8.5 years of experience can be claimed for launching 186 visa.
Please advice..
Many thanks,
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