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Dear All:

Greetings! While filling up my application for subclass 175 from the webaddress: https://www.ecom.immi.gov.au/visas/app/uu?form=GSMA, I am facing some confusions.

I was looking at my friends application [who applied in the 5th of October 2011] and found some mismatch with my application. As an example in his application I found clauses like :1. Applicant other training and qualification specialisation and 2. Applicant current occupation and duties. But in my current application I could not find these two clauses at all. Now my queries:

1. Am I applying through the right application form [online]?
2. If the form has been changed [sorry for my ignorance] how should I write my current job? There will be from and to two sections? How should I put the date in to area?

Would you please let me know the correct answer?

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