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Hi Everyone,

I don't know from where should i start. I am so confused about what to do in my life next. I came here in UK in 2012 to do my MBA, which i had completed in oct 2013. After MBA i was thinking to go for CIMA from UK but unfortunately i went to one solicitor who put me in wrong course which was totally different from my stream. He put me into Extented Diploma in Hospitality and tourism. He told me i can go for CIMA once i finished this course.Now i have finished my this course as well but London universities are not accepting my application because they are saying as i hv done Level7 twice so i m not eligible for CIMA.

I am thinking of going back to India and applied from there for Canada or Australia but i am worried if they would also reject my application because of this reason. Can anyone suggest me Are Australian/Canadian rules different from London.Am i making the right decision. or do i have any other option like PR or work permit in these countries.

Looking for Expert advice. Thanks in advance.
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