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Hey everyone,

I need to renew my visa in order to continue studying in France but I think I started the process a little too late since I just started reading articles about renewal appointments and I had no idea I had to set up one 2 months prior. My visa expires August 5th, 2017 and I am only getting it validated July 27th (so later this week). The only available appointments on the prefecture website are in September, which is after my expiration, so I am stressing about what I can do. Can my student visa be renewed after it expires since I gave notice before it's expiration? While I wait for my appointment do I need a temporary card or paper or something validating my stay even though I am from Canada and technically do not need a visa to stay in France for less than 3 months?

Thank you in advance! :)

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Assuming you set up your appointment online, be sure to print off whatever they give you that confirms the date and time of your appointment (in September). Keep that with you in the event that you need to show your visa/titre de séjour. It will show that you are in the process of renewing (and that you made the appointment before the visa expired).

Lots of prefectures have difficulty setting up appointments before the expiration dates, so keeping a record of your renewal appointment (and when you made it) seems to work in the interim period.
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