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Hi all,


I recently found myself in need of immigration advice.

On December 2012 I was excluded from my university where I was studying a Bachelor of IT because I had failed too many subjects. They reported me to immigration with a Notice 20 of the National Code. When I tried applying for another student visa in March, it was refused to me on the grounds that I had previously failed to comply with my visa’s requirements and that the new course I was undertaking was not in the continuity of my Bachelor.
In June 2013 I applied to the MRT, but my application was refused late August.
My Bridging Visa was to end on the 17th of September and so I left for New Zealand. From there, and with the advice of a migration agent, I applied for the Tourist Visa in order to come back and find a new university where I could finish my degree. Unfortunately I received a request for more documents. One of this request was a signed document where I stated that I understood and agreed that my visa got a No Further Stay close in it, hence forbidding me from applying for any other (useful or possible) visa while I would be in Australia.

I flew out to Indonesia where my parents live in order to clarify my situation and see what my options could be.

I would like to know if it is possible to check my status with the Australian immigration services, to see if I’ve been red flagged or not. Is there a way for me to do it myself?

Would it be possible for me to request a student visa to finish my bachelor, from where I am now and get it granted?

Is there any other options available to me?

Thanks for any advice

Probably not given your poor compliance history and already showing you are nit up to studying degree standard by withdrawing from your previous modules.

You can if course apply and try to give as much evidence as possible from application rather than sending a poor application and getting an early refusal. Though you do realise even if you were successful in getting a student visa it would have a no further stay condition attached given your history.
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