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Hey everyone,

Im in the UK, and recently had my application to University of Technology in Sydney accepted - 3 days ago. To get my Enrolement number i need for my online studeny visa application, i need to pay a deposit of fees...but may not be able to do this till next Thursday 4th February.

My uni orientation is the 15th February, and having read on a site it takes 24 hours to approve student visas if done online, it says:

"If submitting an electronic application, then a decision usually occurs within 24 hours."

this is from the liveinaustralia website...

It has now come to my attention that this may be false information!? I booked my fight leaving on the 13th February, to arrive on the 15th - but now it seems I will probably not have enough time to get my visa!?!

Can anyone help me, or advise me what the actual time is? I'm PVA Subclass 1, so i was told it wouldnt take long...and last year my working holiday visa was accepted in 3 days....

Any help would be great, I'm freaking out! :eek:

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