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Strange situation

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Long storie short.We are 2 South African women living in the UAE.We have raised (adopted on my friends surname) 2 children together for the past 20 years.(20 and 11)Currently my friend is my sponsor (as the childrens nanny) here in Dubai.

She has been offered a job in the USA and one in the UK with her current company.It is as VP.

She has always told the company she will only take a job if I can go with (I stay with the kids and she pays me a generous salary..gr8 life for us all as the children have me around all the time and she doesnt have to worry about the everyday issues at all)

It is an international company.She would really like to take the job in the US and the company doesnt seem to think my visa is a problem.

I am freaking out a bit as accepting one job might make the other offer disappear.

How difficult will it be to get me a visa for the time she has to spend in the US?

Thanks for any info.

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H2B is a remote option as your friend has to prove that noone authorized to work in the US can fill the position and that the work will be under 12 months/year plus limited to a three year time line. If there are special circumstances this may work.
You will need to figure out what to do with the older child. 21 is the cut off to tag along on a parent's visa. Education is probably the only route and the child has to qualify for admission at a US institution and get approved for the respective visa.
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