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Hello All,

My case is rather a frustrating one.

I lodged my application as "Class VE, subclass 175 Skilled - Independent" on April 2009. After few weeks, a new priority system was introduced and my case went to priority 5, then I had to wait for a really long time.

However, in March 2014 I got contacted by the immigration department (Team8 & Team13) requesting for more information (forms 80, 1221, medical checks, police clearance, reference letters, etc.). I provided all the papers/information before end of March 2014, and then I had to wait, again.

I kept communicating with the immigration department in regular basis, the answer was always to wait for the external check to be completed.

In March 2015 the immigration department contacted me informing me that the medical results validity has been extended for 6 more months, and I had to wait.

In June, 2015, I got the request again from the immigration department (Team8) requesting for more information about my and my spouse, the secondary applicant including forms 80 and 1221, and police clearance.. I provided all in two weeks.

At the beginning of July 2015 I got another request from the "Skilled Support" in requesting for some more information about the secondary applicant education and work experience. All was provided in 3 days.

I contacted the department today for checking the status of my application, and the rely was "You Have to Wait".

Really not sure what is going on or how many more months or years do I have to wait?

Any suggestions?

Regards and Thanks
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