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Dear All,

My deadline to lodge application is 31st July.

I logged into the Skillselect created an IMMI account then had to fill a series of questions for the online lodgement of VISA.

What I would like to know is what are the steps from here on?

Will I get asked to pay online after the end of the 17 pages of this Online Lodgement process?

After going through this online lodgement, will I then be assigned a case officer who'd request me to submit my PCC(by post right?) and go for my medicals?

I am guessing thats all that would be required right? In terms of additional documents later ?

Fill the gaps in my knowledge please? I am wondering wouldn't I have to send them original copy of my IELTS, ACS assement letter and photocopies of my employment letter, education qualification transcript and certificate?? Is yes, then at what stage? There is no field to upload these documents as attachments on the online lodgement link.

Clarify please,
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