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Hi all

I am a new member, from Chennai, India. I am looking forward to apply for PR. I would like to get help from some of you here. i have few questions here.
1, What is the best suitable visa for me? I am a software engineer with 2 years of experience.

2, What is the best consultancy in Chennai to apply for PR?


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Hi and welcome to the forum,

(1) We can't answer that for you. It all depends on your individual circumstances and your hopes and dreams for the future.

(2) You don't need a consultant to apply for a visa. You can do it yourself and save the money you would spend. I'd only say use a consultant if your application is expected to be complicated or difficult - i.e. if you had a health issue or something similar which would most likely mean Immigration would be asking lots of questions.
If you do want to use a consultant you'll have to find one that is authorized by Immigration NZ to provide advice. A list of consultants in your area/country can be found on the INZ website.
Who can give NZ immigration advice | Immigration Advisers Authority

Oh! ....and this forum is specifically for NZ not Australia. If you wish to find out about migration to Australia you need ask in the Australian forum.
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