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Statutory Declaration query

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With reference to the Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union (IMM 5409) following is what's mentioned in the instructions on who should be filling it.

Who must complete this form?

This form must be completed and signed by you and your common law partner:

If you are sponsoring a family member and your common-law partner is a co-signer on the sponsorship application, or
If you are in a common-law relationship and are applying for permanent residence in certain economic class categories.
Now, if I am applying PR for the first time as a primary applicant and for my dependents under Economic FSW category, I believe this form is applicable to me? And in the following section what needs to be done for the Commissioner of Oaths to sign? Do I need to get this signed from someone specific in the court? Or whether the True Notary stamped copy of marriage certificate works.

Question 5

Write the following information in the space provided:

Name of the declarant
Name of the declarant’s partner
Name of the city, town, village
Name of the county
Name of the province/state/territory
Name of the country
Date (day, month, year)
Signature of the declarant
Signature of the declarant’s partner
Name of the Commissioner of Oaths
Signature of the Commissioner of Oaths
Please advice. Thanks.
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