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The Topic "State Sponsorship Commitment" has already been exhaustively discussed in the forum. However I could not find any information on my particular circumstances.

I have SS from WA and will be honoring the commitment I have made. My question is, after I have lived there for >2 years, I will be free to live wherever I want within Australia. If my dependant, has not lived in Australia with me, is she also free to move wherever she wants? The situation is as follows: I will go to Australia with my dependant to activate our Visas. Shortly after that I will go back to Perth to settle there. My girlfriend will study abroad and will cometo Australia in ~3 years time.
As she has not signed a commitment letter, is it correct to assume, that she may live wherever she wants (better said wherever I live) when she come to AUS after those 3 years?

Anyone has made similar experiences?


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