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Starting up an apparel buying/sourcing office in Dubai

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Hi Friends

I am new to this community.. i want to know some details about to start up a new apparel sourcing / buying agency in dubai...

i am a professional from an apparel field ( Production / Merchandising /Marketing /Operation) having 16 years experience ( all from India)..

Recently i had a chance to discuss with a gentleman from dubai.. he is having very strong business network in some of gulf countries ( Dubai, Abudabi, Kuwait, Quatar)
he has 3 retail stores and a apparel production set up ( 200 people work force)
Also they are very famous for a particular apparel catogary..

He offered me a chance to work with him by using my existing skills of marketing ( i have very good connections with some of Europe / USA apparel brands / Buyers like ( H&M, Gap, Levis, s.Oliver,A&F, Prada, Oneill etc...) as already manufacturing and exporting garments to them from India...

My Question is What is the potential of starting up a apparel buying / trading office in dubai ( work module is - getting orders from my existing clients by using my relationship and executing the same in dubai by manufacturing at some of dubai vendors or using in house factory..

If i will get a proper answer would be really help my future...

Best regards
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