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Dear Friends
I had few doubts related to starting business in UAE. I am currently evaluating and researching my options as this is my fist initiative into stepping into self employment.
Well to give a general idea, I am considering both freezone and Mainland.
I am aware of licensing procedure etc but have few question which i was unable to get answer to. Would be really grateful of some expert membe might advice.

1. If I have my own residential visa is it possible for me to start a business. ( Spouse Visa). If so what will be the guidelines for it.
2. Related to above question if I purchase just a license from a older company what other expense will be involved to legally start a business.( not looking to hire employees immediately)
3. Do i need to have a investor visa or a manager visa to possess a license and own a business can't i be on my own residential visa if it helps reduce expense.
4.What are steps involved in purchasing a license and what is the total cost to get it set up and running. Same question if I purchase a running business what are the steps and what checks should be followed.
5. Lets say I am on a shoe string budget and don't want to immediately put in a large investment what will be the total cost involved to the minimum with no surprise cost.
6.I have seen advertisement of expired licenses, purchasing one of them and renewing please advice pros and cons.

Really appreciate your answers.
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