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Business and Industry Development - ACT Government Sponsorship Opportunities

Above link shows that individual interested in migrating to ACT, has to have following:

•an occupation on the ACT ‘Skills in Demand’ list; and
•a demonstrated commitment to living and working in Canberra.

It doesnot mentions any thing about required funds ?
So any one knows if SS from ACT requires certain amount of transferable funds or not?

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did u download the guidelines?
Business and Industry Development - Skilled Migration
scroll down, download guidelines for 176. in the PDF, go to page 7, below text has been taken from there...

• Financial capacity: Signed and witnessed ‘Declaration of Financial Capacity’ - see
attachment B.
− The main applicant must have at least A$20,000 in transferable assets, with
A$10,000 for each additional dependent family member, to assist with successful
settlement and employment search in Canberra. Supporting financial evidence, in the
name of the applicant/spouse, must be provided, including:
♦ Bank statements for current and savings accounts, showing banking activity over
the last three months.
♦ term deposits/investments/share portfolio etc.
− The following assets will not be considered ‘transferable’:
♦ funds held in another persons name (except spouse);
♦ fixed/immovable assets like property or land;
♦ jewellery, house hold items, cars or motor cycles;
♦ cash in hand; and
♦ life insurance policy.
− If you have less than the required transferable amount, you must:
♦ Provide a statement justifying how you will support yourself and any dependents
for at least six months while settling in Canberra.
♦ Provide evidence of any fixed assets (and proof of equity). If the plan is to sell the
asset before moving to Canberra, explain what will happen if you are unable to sell
the asset – how will you fund your travel and settlement?
♦ Include evidence of research into the cost of living in Canberra, with an estimated
budget e.g. accommodation, transport, electricity, gas and food etc.
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