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Just to give you a bit of background about the status of visa, I have prepared a time line. I hope this will clarify the situation.

06.03.2014: My wife is British National so before the expiry of Post Study Work Permit, I applied for the spouse visa on March 04,2014 (PSW was set to expire on 06/03/2014)

21.08.2014: My application for spouse visa was refused on the grounds that I don’t meet the financial requirement. At the time of making an application, my wife had 4 month pay slips, and as per the rules, we should have had 6 months pay slips.

20.10.2014 : I appealed against the decision. We had met all the requirements by that August 2014 and meanwhile my child was born in June 14, and she has British Nationality as well. My wife is currently employed and we have more than six months salary slips.

25.11.2014 : First Tier Tribunal allowed the appeal in my favour based on Article 8 (Humanitarian Grounds)

01.12.2014 : Home Office made an application to the First Tier Tribunal for permission to Appeal in the Upper Tribunal.

14.01.2015: First Tier Tribunal refused to admit the application to appeal for permission to the Upper Tribunal based on the fact that there was no error of law (Again in my favour).

23.01.2015: Home Office has made an application to the upper tribunal for permission to appeal to the upper tribunal.

07.05.2015: Upper Tribunal has refused or not admitted Home Office Application for permission to appeal to upper tribunal

Its been a long-winded process till now.
-What options have HOME OFFICE got now?
-Can they still go to the court when they have even failed to get a permission of appeal?
-How long would it take from here? (already more than a year and few months have past)
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