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Hey all,

My Vietnamese wife and I are starting to pull together our documentation for our move to the UK from Vietnam. I'll sum up things as briefly as possible instead of rambling!

- I have been working offshore in the UK for the past 2.5 years, and visiting Vietnam roughly 3 weeks in every 8 to see my (now) wife
- We married in the UK back in July, so evidence of our relationship has already been provided

Couple of quick questions regarding the application and documents to be submitted:

- If we apply in the next week, I will be able to submit 6 months of previous payslips. During these 6 months I didn't work for 3 of them (the nature of my work) , but still earned over the £18,600 in those 6 months. Will this be a problem? Additionally, I have been offered a contract by my employer stating I get a guaranteed salary each year now. This isn't shown on my previous payslips as I was on day rate, but is actually more secure as the pay is the same, but I'm guaranteed the money even when there is no work.

- In the application form it asks about employment. My contract I have signed shows the job I have been doing for 7 months (I will also include the letter of appointment for this position), but previous to that I was working for the same company (Since March 2009), but in a more junior position - I got promotion in the same line of work - from trainee to full position. Do I have to specify this as another job? Or the fact I have been doing my current one more than 6 months is satisfactory?

- Regarding documentation for financial matters: I have 5 months of payslips here in Vietnam with me, but my most recent one arrived while I was here in Vietnam (they get sent to my parents house, so I only have a photocopy). Would this be a problem, or will I just have to wait until I'm next out in Vietnam and take it with me at the beginning of January?

- Similar with my bank statements, I have all my electronic statements printed here, but will I need the originals? The embassy has told us photocopies are sufficient, but this contradicts Appendix FM-SE

- Finally, accommodation. I pay rent here in Vietnam, and when in the UK I stay with my parents for a few days at a time. I don't want to lease a flat in the UK before she gets her visa, so we were just going to stay with my parents. I was going to provide a letter from my parents stating they have agreed to this, along with details and proof of ownership of their house (All my payslips etc have this address on them too). Again, do I have to provide the original copy of the ownership of the house? I'm not sure my parents will really allow that. Also, is there any additional documentation I should provide?

I hope this all makes sense. I'm not worried about my wife getting the visa, as we tick all the boxes, but I want to make sure we provide the information in correct format, and people's help is very much appreciated. We were hoping to apply next week, but I have a feeling we're going to have to wait until I have all the original documentation with me.

We have been in contact with the embassy in Hanoi several time, and they have been helpful, but I just want a 2nd opinion.

Cheers all!
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