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Refresh my memory - did you get married in France and then return to the US? If so, the key document is your livret de famille, and a copy of both sides of your husband's carte d'identité. Check the consulate website to be sure, but I don't believe you'll need a flight ticket nor insurance. If your husband is already established in France, it's assumed that you're eligible for insurance through him.

If you do have either flight tickets or a reservation, it wouldn't hurt to take them with you to the appointment. That way you'll have proof of your intended entry date (they can date your visa as of your travel date so that you get the maximum out of the first year). As far as insurance goes, if you have no other insurance (i.e. hubby is returning to France without a job lined up) you might want to get a short-term travel policy for your own safety until you get set up. But I don't believe the consulate will ask you to provide any proof of insurance for a spouse visa.

If you got married in the US, you'll need to have your livret de famille and that can take a while to get through the consulate. But IIRC, that isn't your case.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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