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Spouse visa help

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I am applying for my husbands spouse visa, i would like some advise on

1. The letter from my employer.

I am in a tempory contract and i have been working with my company for 2 years in november, the contract is ongoing,

I am not clear on what should be included in the employers letter.

or if i should ask my Agency to write this or will it be ok for my manager at my work place to do this letter.

2.i also dont have any savings at the moment but i am applying for my husband to live with me and my mother which she is fine with and will write the letter inviting him to our home. what other documents would i need her to supply.

will i need to have savings in my account as i am earning 22k and not currrently paying any bills or rent.

please advise.
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My wife will be applying for a Spouse visa to join me in the UK next week. According to UK immigration laws under the spouse visa, you must have 6 months worth of payslips minimum. Your salary is fine as the fresh hold is £18,600 a year.

But regardless I believe you should apply through a solicitor or at least get some advice from one for exact requirements. It may cost a little extra and is no guarantee but never the less it will make your application stronger.
This forum is proof that straightforward applications (and even some not so straightforward!) do not require solicitors. Read all the correct material, ask questions here and most people make sense of what they need to apply!

This document outlines everything you need regarding financial requirements:http://www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/sitecontent/documents/policyandlaw/IDIs/chp8-annex/section-FM-1.7.pdf?view=Binary

The letter needs to be written by whoever issues your payslips, I'm guessing your agency... and include the following:
A letter from the employer(s) who issued the payslips at paragraph 2(a) confirming: (i) the person's employment and gross annual salary; (ii) the length of their employment; (iii) the period over which they have been or were paid the level of salary relied upon in the application; and (iv) the type of employment (permanent, fixed-term contract or agency).

You won't need any savings, but you will need a letter from your mother confirming she is happy for you both to live with her and proof she is the owner/tenant. If she's a tenant you need further consent from the landlord.
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LOL well spotted! Let's hope my cut and pasting efforts weren't wasted.
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Hi thank you for your recent help, I had just started the application process at the time and was looking for some clarity.

Now if you wouldn’t mind helping me in this query?

I have heard that I will need a housing inspection done on my mum's property to prove it is not overcrowded it is a 3 bedroom house renting through a housing association and only occupants is her and myself.
I was wondering if taking photos of the room to prove that it is not over crowed would be sufficient as right now it is the cheapest option.

Any advice would be grateful.
Thanks in advance
I don't think they accept photos, it has to be a proper legal inspection by your local council. You can Google 'Property Inspection Visas'.
If it's just you and your mother I don't think you need a report. Just consent from her and the housing association. If they could confirm the occupants and size of the property that should be enough.
ok thanks for all your help. i will look into both the inspection and the confirmation from the housing association
If you do get an inspection done, let us know it how it went!
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