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Dear all,

I need some help and advice from members of this forum for my spouses visa. Thanks for your help in advance.


I first met my spouse on one of the indian marriage sites. In January of this year I went to visit her and we met a couple of times. Since then we have been in regular contact via various modalities.
Our wedding is on 31st may 2015.

Work circumstances.

I have been working in a hospital (south west UK) for the last five years. Now I am moving to a different hospital (Westmidlands) from 01 July 2015.


My salary would meet the requirements. My payslip is issued on the 28th of every month.
Bank statement issued on 30th of every month.


I currently live in SW UK. I will be moving to WM UK in first week of July 2015.

My questions

1) I have not spent much time with my spouse physically( apart from two brief visits in January) and our main interacting is through the cyber world until marriage. After marriage we would go away on a 1 week honeymoon and the we plan to apply for spouse visa.

-Can I state this in the relationship letter?

-Can I tick the arranged marriage box in the application form?

-Would my skype, whatapp and email evidence together with wedding and honeymoon photos and perhaps joint travel and hotel bills be enough proof?

2) We are thinking of applying for visa on 15th of June. At that time I will still be employed by SW UK hospital and living there. I have an offer letter from the WM UK hospital but I do not have the contract yet. The WM hospital also offered me family accommodation but they don’t have any tenancy agreement. They said I can stay there as long as I am employed by their hospital.

- At the time of spouse visa application I will still be employed by my old employer. Do I have to submit any evidence about my future employment? (I only have an offer letter. I may not get the job contract in time for the application).

- I have a tenancy agreement, letter from landlord and council tax bills from current accommodation. Will this suffice for the visa application?

- I will be moving into the accommodation of my next employer in first week of july 2015. Do I have to submit evidence of this as well?

3) I will be leaving to India on the 23 of May for my wedding. My payslip and bank statement for May will be issued after I leave.

- I am planning to change the address of my bank account to my friends address for this month so that he can fedex it (along with my payslip) to me in India. Will this be OK?( I am planning to do it this way because I do not have a friend who would do all this work for me in the current place I live).

Thanks all for your help.
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